An at Home Workout for the Active

The beauty of this routine is that it requires no equipment a small amount of space It is ideal for maintaining fitness when you can’t get to the gym.

Note: This workout is for people who are relatively fit and who know the proper form for these exercises. It is up to you to know about form both for effectiveness and body care.

The workout includes four exercises: pushups, sit ups, treadmills and squats:

Pushups: preferably the version with your hands and arms close to the body. The elbows graze the side of the body. Due to the quantity involved, most women will choose to do these from a kneeling position.

Sit ups: the position for these sit ups is on your back with your legs in the “table” position – knees are up and legs are bent at the knee. Keep the legs stable as you crunch up. If you tire and cannot continue this position, revert to regular crunches, with the feet planted on the ground.

Treadmill: from a “pushup position,” shoulders positioned over hands, hips down, lift one leg and pull the knee as far forward as it will go keeping the foot off the ground. Quickly alternate the feet to create a running like movement.

Squats: the squats are done with the feet in a hip width position. When you are in the up position and headed down, drop down with speed versus control.

The following, done four times in a row is one set:
Pushups: 10-15
Sit ups: 15
Treadmills: 20 each leg
Squats: 20

For clarification, in one set you will do a total of, for example, 80 squats.

The workout sequence
Warm up.
Complete one set. Rest for two minutes.
Complete as many sets as you can, resting two minutes in between, up to five sets. For the fit, an initial goal could be 3 sets.
Do a post work out wind down – walk it out.

One of the goals is speed. Ultimately work up to five sets in as little as six minutes per set. Work towards this goal by maintaining the number of sets at three, speeding them up and shortening the rest period to one minute. Unless you are in great shape, do not expect to achieve five sets or a six minute set at the start.

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