Face Massage Instead of Filler?

While I believe that everything happens with right timing, I cannot believe that I only recently experienced my first face massage. I noticed what I thought was an odd change to my face and received advice to release stressed, tight muscles and fascia that were pulling on ligaments. I then discussed facial massage with a few people who do such and booked the earliest opening with Mariela.

Mariela used her talents to relax my face muscles and move the fascia. As she worked I was able to feel the tight muscles relaxing. Low and behold, the results were greater than I would have guessed possible. Massage greatly reduced the lines and creases on my face as they were due to tight muscles! In addition, the massage plumped, lifted and added a glow.

The results were so good that I would say that if you are considering face filler you might first want to try face massage. After all, one of the jobs of the filler is to relax the muscles underneath the wrinkle. For those who currently have filler, I was told that face massage can be done, but that you need to wait one week after injections.

Note that as for most topics, face massage is not for everyone. It requires skin that is happy with the oils that are used for gliding across the face. A good masseuse will use healthy organic oils.

While I will not be enjoying a weekly massage as Mariela might suggest, face massage will forever be a part of my routine.

I found Mariela when in the Greenwood Village / DTC area of Colorado. See her website for more about her East to West training and her services:  https://www.heavenlytouchdayspaco.com

~ Caryn

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