Hair Stylist Fun

A hair stylist once told me she could use her new machine to analyze my hair health. I am always suspicious of such, that it is yet another unnecessary cost.

I therefore inquired with a hair stylist who I know to be honest and insightful. She shared that no machine is necessary to determine hair health, that a trained eye knows all.

Love trained eyes.

Another time when the color was not covering my gray hairs I was told that the problem was my hair. This was gratis a rather pricey stylist and only two months after there had been no problem at all.

After investigating I learned it was the lacking talent of the hair stylist, not my all-of-a-sudden-changed-hair.

Movin’ on. Love proactive.

~ Caryn

Just as for other topics, we find when we tell a “professional” something that is new to them or out of their control they tend to set it aside or try to nullify or invalidate it.

We love awareness.

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