Insights & Delights, Aug 3, 2021

This Insights & Delights post is all about food.

Misfits Market. The reason we like this company is because they “rescue” fresh food that grocers reject — the items are irregularly shaped, too small, too large. They are intent on reducing food waste and have a focus on organic produce. Misfits delivers customers boxes of food customized by the customer with each order. The prices are generally less than at the grocer. While they have been around for approximately five years Ginger has been enjoying them for several months. She is a fan.

Million Gardens Movement. The Million Gardens Movement is a “community of gardeners who want to inspire a happier, healthier world by educating people about a better diet, through funding and educating millions of new gardeners to grow their own food.”

My introduction to them was extremely positive — the staff was informative and welcoming, children were engrossed in planting seeds and learning how to take care of their new “gardens in a bag.” Exciting.

Net Zero Regenerative Farms. This is an exciting new venture by a friend’s family. They are dedicated to natural, to farmer to consumer, and to a net zero footprint. From the website:

“Make your food supply chains shorter and safer by buying from local sources. Buy direct from farm and put on your table getting the freshest and most nutritious foods from a known trusted source.

We have farm and ranch products from the high mountains of Colorado and from farms in Merced County California which has the best soil and climate conditions for growing nuts in the world.”

The beef has a limited distribution range due to shipping. The farm product – almonds at this point – can be shipped throughout the US.

We look forward to their progress!


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