Highly Sensitive Persons

It is believed that at least 20% of the human population is deemed a Highly Sensitive Person (“HSP”).  

Many HSPs only see themselves as Empaths, sensing the physical, emotional and mental expressions of others. This makes it impossible to be around crowds, loud noises and highly expressive people.  (Dr. Judith Orloff has written many books to cope with being empathic.  (https://drjudithorloff.com/)

However, HSPs also sense things beyond the human. This can result in distress, and HSPs potentially isolating themselves or avoiding relationships and gatherings of any kind.  

Elain N. Aron is one who has written and advised about The Highly Sensitive Person (https://hsperson.com/). You can find Tedtalks and Youtube recordings of her and her students speaking to those who are willing to assist HSPs in their cycle of life. 

Another contribution for HSPs is Anita Moorjani, who wrote “Dying To Be Me,” chronicling her near death experience. Her latest book “Sensitive is the New Strong” was released in 2021.  

The gem I found in “Sensitive is the New Strong” is Anita’s explanation of balancing your intuition with your ego so that you can take good care of yourself, not be bullied by others and not discount your value in life.  

Many old spiritual beliefs tell you to suppress your ego. This never made sense. Why would you have an ego if you don’t need it? Balancing intuition with ego makes a more fully functioning HSP.  

Follow your heart, but always follow your intuition by balancing it with your ego.  


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