Caregiver Burn Out

A recent interview of the head of the State Nursing Associations stated that fifty percent of the nurses were either retiring or quitting due to Caregiver Burn Out. They cited poor working conditions, high stress, fatigue, long hours and low pay. As a result, there is a shortage of good caregivers. The shortage isn’t limited to nursing, but includes various walks of life, teachers, EMTs, police. Even bus drivers are throwing in the towel. There are also many alternative care givers who are closing their practices or retiring, due to similar conditions as well as surly clients. Working in a care giver field does not have the support or the rewards, let alone the appreciation it once had.  

How can we shift this? Learn to take good care of yourself. Do not count on people outside of yourself to know what you need and to provide it. Eat fresh, organic and take supplements that support a healthy body. Use preventive measures to improve your immune system. Stop eating processed food that is high in sugar, chemical salt and preservatives. Exercise in whatever way you enjoy, so that you will do it. 

Learn CPR, first aid and support your health care workers. Say thank you too! Show appreciation and acknowledgement to those who do your health care and to the providers. 

If we lighten the load of caregivers by caring for ourselves, supporting and thanking them and also being prepared to pay them properly, there will be care givers to help us in true times of need. 

Care for yourself and for them!


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