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Body Mind Decisions is about personal growth encompassing inner and outer beauty. We intend to create a community for ever expanding self-knowledge, self-care and self-awareness. General wellbeing, overall personal growth, health, beauty and fitness have certain qualities in common and yet vary by individual, are constantly evolving. We will work to cater to sharing honest information on these subjects. We believe taking care of ourselves is for our own benefit and also so that we can give our best to others. Please beware, we approach our lives and our work with honesty, fun and a dose of humor.

Caryn Smith - Founder

My passion for Body Mind Decisions is based on my interests and experiences. From my beginnings, I have been drawn towards alternative health, natural beauty — inside and out – and cut to the gut truth. And for over 20 years I have been passionate about the sometimes annoying body mind connection. And so now it is time to launch Body Mind Decisions, a community for sharing information amongst like-minded and intended spirits.

My background includes over twenty-five years of financial and technology experience in corporate environments, startups, private equity and, since 2004, consulting for small businesses and startups. I earned my BA in economics at Mount Holyoke College, and my masters in finance at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Ginger Frost - Founder

Since I was a small child I knew I would help people. I wasn’t sure how that would develop but following family and cultural dictates I understood that my purpose and abilities would develop in the proper time and place. As I moved through education, spiritual development, use of the tools of high self-understanding and experiences I could see that I could support others by developing communications via spiritual connections to empower others to empower themselves. Through awarenesses that others felt they didn’t have I was able to lift people up out other their lack of understanding and create a safe space for them to find themselves once again. I have found in my years of spiritual counseling that given the correct information, my clients can develop a better life and a sense of joy in experiencing that life while grasping the something better in their own lives. It has always been my intention to allow others to seek their own truth by explaining or sharing the very facts they lack and thereby finding their health, wealth and joy once again.

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About the Posts: unless otherwise indicated, and until others are contributing, all posts are created by both Ginger and Caryn.